Where Stability Is Found Especially When Changes Occur

You and I know it’s true: the only thing that doesn’t change is the truth that change is coming—it’s right around the corner and ready to make an entrance at its earliest opportunity.

Many examples:

  1. Circumstances beyond our control
  2. Enhanced or new methods of accomplishing tasks: those we choose because we deem them right, or others because they are forced upon us
  3. Dealings with business personnel
  4. Mounting government regulations that constantly change and become subject to wide variations of interpretation

Some people embrace change, others don’t. Some, in fact, fear it. Many think that when change happens, stability suffers. When a familiar way of acting is well-entrenched, having to adapt to a new agenda can be downright unnerving, especially if altering methods is something for which anyone is unprepared.

Some changes are good, others not nearly as good. What makes change positive is not that it occurs; rather, that it brings opportunities to fashion uplifting results because we are committed to accomplishing change for the right reasons and in helpful ways.  This is where stability rests—not in whether change will occur, because it will—rather, on abiding principles that undergird thinking and acting. These are the values that form a framework for positive alterations of behavior. Bottom line: stability is found in the intangible, not the tangible.  It resides in belief and it gives birth to behavior.

When changes happen in our worlds, or we invite them in, or even create them, let’s address them with true principles and values that encourage new behaviors and produce improved results. 

As we adapt, create, or adopt new methods, let some things never change: strong principles and foundational truths that are right and true: values like integrity, commitments to others’ success, dedication to excellence, faithfulness to duty, and finishing well.  Here is where stability is found, when and where you need it the most.



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