A Writer’s Responsibility

This blog is being written in March, 2020 for publication in April, replacing the article for April that was originally designed to be distributed. The news, to date, is all about a virus and the varied steps public and private industries are taking to mitigate the accompanying health crisis. Hopefully by the time you read this, a significant portion of the national and international efforts at virus mitigation and associated medical treatments will be on the road to beating this critical threat. We believe cures are possible both medically and through the graciousness of God.

How many people do we know personally who are currently impacted and affected? The crisis recently hit close to home. Even though many are in isolation and self-imposed quarantine, a family member’s co-worker at a business site and before “shelter in place” may have contracted the Corona virus. To be completely on the safe side, and to promote containment, this family member’s entire work force was relocated to individual employees’ homes, all working remotely, effective immediately. This change, along with many others, is to remain in force until this crisis is past.

Just recently I read an article published on a national news outlet written by an author for whom I have great respect. His article was one of many communications I and others have seen and reviewed, including print and online. This most recent offering clearly painted truth based on hope, faith, and dependence of God’s grace, that He will give health answers to the prayers of millions.

As inspiring as that article was, I was instantaneously reminded that one of our own Creative Team Publishing authors presents a similar message to viewers at the end of March on National TV. You are encouraged to see his writings. He has published six books with Creative Team Publishing since 2011. His name is Robert F. Dees and his website is: www.ResilienceGodStyle.com. His writings, especially his newest, Resilience God Style are profoundly inspiring. Hopefully his television appearance will powerfully impact hundreds of thousands of people with positive and uplifting words.

Another newer author of ours is Angela Williams. She released her first book through Creative Team Publishing at the end of 2019. Her title is profound: Knowing You Have Done Your Best * No Regrets. Please see her website: www.KnowingYouHaveDoneYourBest.com. Talk about rising above inevitable misfortune, especially as it can relate to losing loved ones to death (and I know we all face this), Angela’s commitments to remain strong and give help to others are exemplary. Her story is written to encourage us. She also appeared on National TV earlier this year. Angela writes about confronting the tough situations in life with honesty, positive attitudes, and deliberate actions. She can proclaim without hesitation, “No Regrets.” This book is worth your read. Purchase on her website using the link above.

As a publisher, it is refreshing to see gifted writers offering messages of hope and inspiration in times of national and international fear. I am convinced this is what great writers with God-based belief systems should do. I believe this is a gifted and hope-filled writer’s responsibility. A close look at the works of many of the authors who have published with Creative Team Publishing shows that we yearn to publish uplifting material. We don’t avoid facing conflict, of course; it’s part of life. But we do seek to offer time-tested solutions and answers through the writings of our authors.

Propitiously, this year I released my latest book, Faith Matters * The Breakthrough You Want. Please see this website: www.FaithMattersToYou.com. At the time of this book’s release (early January, 2020) no one could have predicted how relevant that title and theme could become as this year unfolded. The book describes authentic faith, and may be worth a perusal by you. You can order the book online through the website above.

The point is this: writers of uplifting themes have a responsibility, in my view, to offer far more than mere criticism, negative slants, or depressing information based on conflicting views. Writers who are God-fearing have a responsibility to proclaim truth, present stories showing how to confront and overcome life’s challenges, offer solutions from experience, and promote hope to a world which desperately needs to fill their minds and hearts with positive and truthful input.

If you are a writer with a message or stories which confront tough topics on the basis of lasting faith values and honest truth-telling, you may wish to contact us at Creative Team Publishing: www.CreativeTeamPublishing.com. Those kinds of writings represent those we may want to review and publish. Writers with good hearts, especially incorporating faith in God, seek to fulfill their responsibility to their audiences to invade culture and circumstances with uplifting and encouraging words of hope, endurance, and healing. Let me encourage you in this pursuit.



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