Confront and Conquer with Truth

This blog is being written in a time of tremendous upheaval and resulting fear and doubt in our United States. Much of the current national mood, good and bad, positive and negative, originates from a virus we can’t see, horrific violence we must see, brutality and gross injustice, and media involvement that smacks of stark efforts to foster division, including a denial of truth, outright lies, and promulgating polarizing political spectrums that are dumped upon the populace relentlessly. This is simply recognition of the permeation of lies and false news that bombard daily.

Who can an average consumer listen to and trust? What timeline in an election year in this country drives the dissemination of blatant misrepresentations and politically motivated agendas that are designed to thwart not only economic progress but showcase massive and growing chasms between truth and non-truth?

I am not speaking from any party affiliation. I earnestly desire for truth to be told, so all of us can make informed choices when it’s time to choose, not choices based on lies and perversion.

In our view, an author’s responsibility *must be* to tell the truth, and if he or she really cares, tell the truth “in love” (which simply means with the hearer’s welfare in mind and motive), and boldly offer solutions to contemporary issues, doing so unashamedly.

One of our newest authors is Rick Redd, MD, whose book and study guide, All-In or Nothing (website: were just released. He speaks boldly and accurately, utilizing information designed and presented to honestly inform readers (and you should be one of those) regarding, for example, COVID-19 and the effects of this pandemic, as well as potential solutions to the vexing problem. He covers topics *every* college student and those already in established careers should read and embrace, such as daily nutrition, proper motivation, vibrant faith, and making wise, informed choices to achieve success and improvement, not only for the student, but for all those a student/graduate in his/her career will impact. It’s a worthwhile book and you should obtain his book and study guide. Please see the website above.

We desire to tell and publish truth. We don’t avoid conflict; rather, we embrace a correct telling of a personal story, accompanied by hope and solutions that can work. We want readers to choose for themselves whether or not to read and embrace any author’s views. Bottom line: no informed judgments can occur unless those views are written down and disseminated.

Are you an author with a burning resolve to share truth? Are you God-based (most of our authors are—) and are you speaking life truth on the basis of solid, foundational morals, a commitment to accuracy, and dedication to causes that lift mankind, and not destroy others in the process of your story being told?

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