An Author’s Canvass

Every author paints a portrait of belief, often including history, problems, solutions, and instruction; each canvass of every author is composed of a wide variety of perspectives.

I (Glen Aubrey) am actively “on the lookout” for new stories that offer intrigue, verifiable truth, and sustaining power; writings that lift up, as opposed to tear down. I earnestly seek out authors who earnestly desire to write and follow through with the process. Interestingly, many people say they want to write a book, but far fewer actually do it. For those who do, when their work is accepted by Creative Team Publishing (CTP), the products become absolutely remarkable. Just take a look at the book and author listings on the CTP website. I am proud of all these people. All of our team agrees that we are privileged to work with writers to see their stories come into print, and come to life!

I’ve talked to hundreds of writers down through many years. Some of them are already writers and published authors in their own right; others are just beginning their book composition adventure. For those new to the process of writing and publishing, almost every one of them appreciates the Creative Team Publishing company business plan (located on our site … You’re there now.) When I briefly explain that there are no contracts because we want to work with people who desire to work with us, and we honor their commitments as they honor ours, and that if their writing is accepted we can move forward—indelibly they are refreshingly surprised and genuinely pleased that we are people of our word and that we enjoy the opportunity to work together. Promises made are promises kept. Period.

To the point: every author is encouraged to possess and activate their God-given freedoms to write and paint their canvasses, generally for great and lofty purposes. Whether the focus is medicine and medical services; faith and resiliency in God; military engagements…their pursuits and results; history of worthy historical figures; life’s tests, victories, and lessons learned; motivation and encouragement to achieve a greater cause; nutrition and health; helping others through challenging circumstances; law enforcement; lasting leadership; teamwork; principles of effective organizational structure and implementation; poetry of treasured memories, hope, and perseverance; stories that include music and performance; instructions from solid contributors designed and composed to encourage and inform from a base of knowledge and experience; uplifting and entertaining positive-focus children’s fiction; spiritual investments in other’s lives; conservative and confrontational politics; stories of drug addiction, loss, healing, and hope; stories of acceptance of, and victory through the pangs and pains of grief and loss; stories regarding special needs children and family members; Christian youth ministry; Christian ministry for all ages; parenting instruction; discovering God’s will for life and legacy; life journeys of solid truths— all of our authors paint their own canvass for readers to enjoy, and from which their readers can learn and live, embracing and sharing these lofty and life-changing attributes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, hope, endurance, self-control and more (this is an obvious reference to the Bible passage: Galatians 5: 22, 23).

Do you possess a story that may embrace some of the realms of interest and involvement above? Are you motivated and driven enough to pursue your dream, regardless of impediments and setbacks?

There’s a world—your world—likely waiting to read what you have to say. Perhaps CTP can help you on the road to seeing your written story come to fruition, in the reality of a printed book, one you can have, hold, sell, and distribute. If so, and if you and the publisher agree on content, context, finances, and process…we will welcome you!

Let us encourage and assist you to create your canvass; and we will provide the frame.


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