Decision Time … How Do You Choose?

We have national and local elections this month in the United States of America. Party affiliations are important, of course; yet, if you are a registered voter, you can and should choose the candidate you support regardless of party, and by all means, VOTE. Exercise this precious freedom.

Choice is an amazing gift, granted to us in our founding documents. The key issue often is this: upon what truths do you base your choice of the person who will receive your vote?

Our nation currently is divided over many spectrums now, and in our newest release, God’s Plan Unfolding * Strength and Renewal In Time of Crisis, we address many crises confronting individuals, governments, families, and more. You are invited and strongly encouraged to purchase this book authored by Glen Aubrey and sixteen Contributors from across this land. Book’s website is: We are absolutely convinced this book will serve you well, encouraging you to trust God no matter how severe or threatening your crises are.

One of the Contributors, John Emra, who is also a published author of parenting books through Creative Team Publishing (CTP), writes monumental truths in this new book about “choices.” For years he has drawn a noteworthy distinction between decisions which are generally internal, mental assessments or considerations, and actual choices which are verifiable actions. There is a difference.

When you and I vote, we consider and make a decision for whom to vote and then vote, an action of choice, if we really want to follow through. So again, this consideration: who is your choice for national, local leadership and upon what considerations do you make your choices?

Choice is powerful; it’s a God-granted right. We make choices every day about many things, some far more important than others. If our election choices reflect *values* upon which our country was founded and Godly principles defined in the Bible, those values will unalterably affect our vote, and should affect it.

Choose wisely. Make your choices reflective of the lasting values upon which you conduct your own life. These values do make the difference and often define success or failure in virtually every spectrum: politically, spiritually, physically, morally, economically, and more. The responsibility here is not to tell you how to vote, or to campaign; rather, to ask you to weigh extremely carefully the values and principles which define your choices.

What is the value of choice? There is no measurement to accurately set a value on the freedom of choice. Value here is beyond measure. As John Emra says in his chapter in the new book, “Choose wisely.” Make your choice. It counts hopefully because it reflects truths that last, that are even eternal, and are designed to guarantee this and future generations more freedom of choice.



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