The Message of Inspiration and Empowerment: What Is Your Essential Moral Truth?

Recently I asked a gentleman who was interested in publishing what his moral theme
was; in other words, what essential truth did he want to convey through his writing? He
looked at me blankly at first, likely never having thought in those terms before. Then his
eyes brightened: he understood, and I believe began to alter his thought patterns about
answering the questions of motive, message, and means; in other words, his reason for
writing, what he wanted to say, and how he wanted to say it.

It is my firm contention that every author needs to ask these questions of himself or
herself. Continually, as the process of writing unfolds, regardless of how long it takes.

Early this morning (this blog is being written at the end of January, 2021), I received an
email from a dear friend, a client-to-be, who is also a writer who was represented in
God’s Plan Unfolding * Strength and Renewal in Times of Crisis. In his email he
said, word for word: “You inspire and empower me.”

Well, that was an encouraging message for sure! When is the last time someone you
care about said that about you? Was his compliment deserved in my case? Perhaps,
but that is not the point.

What’s the point? It’s this: you as an author have an obligation, if you accept it, to lift
people higher through greater understanding, and to encourage improved behavior
through your writing, inspiring readers to do better, become better, believe better, and
birth good will, peace, reconciliation, and harmony (driven by genuine love and care)
through your dissemination of truth.

There is *always* a motive behind every piece of communication provided, no matter
the source. What’s your motive?

Can or should we (author and publisher) deal with difficult subjects? Yes. We will never
shy away from recognizing facts and telling the truth. Creative Team Publishing is highly
interested in publishing authors who possess and want to proclaim a positive and
uplifting message, who have a central moral truth, or a collection of them, that shine
through, regardless of the conflicts or struggles with which an author wants to deal.

Here’s a fact to chew on: Identifying a central theme is not or may not be easy, but it is
an essential requirement for every writer, published or not.

I encourage and invite you to identify and articulate your moral truth, your central one, in
a single, simple sentence. Make sure that your written pieces illustrate and amplify the
central core truth behind what you are saying, and that realization often will provide
inspiration and empowerment to the reader and to other authors, as well. This is a
worthy and necessary goal to achieve.

Your written compositions will reflect your dedication to stories you want to relate, their
problems and resolutions, and the reasons why you offer the stories you do. You will
also present higher platforms of morality-infused service to those who read your works.
Improvement: that’s the cause.

We encourage you to take the time to do writing well, keeping this concept always in the
forefront of your thinking. Let moral infusion be your guide; make the high road your


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