Expectation, Endurance, Experience, and End Result

What is your Expectation as a writer? Authors all have expectations and desires: about themselves, their work, and these expectations often include doubts, too. Some of the more familiar ones and their accompanying questions:

  1. Who will read my work?
  2. Who will want to read my work?
  3. Will it be accepted?
  4. Will it meet a need?
  5. Is it compelling enough?
  6. Is it any good at all?
  7. Will I sell any books?
  8. Why would anyone be interested in *my* story and writing?
  9. My relatives (*any* relatives) have told me I am not very good at writing.
  10. Do I have enough education to write a book?

And on and on.

When an author is or becomes *convinced* that his or her writing has merit, that convincing usually is complete because there are nuggets of truth a writer wants to convey, and these truths are deemed important if not vital. To an author and publisher, they *must* be shared, and will be.

This is especially true when an author possesses a message and story of hope, love, commitment, unwavering faith, truth-telling, and other positive traits of encouragement, challenge, and victory for a world hungry for these kinds of influences.

So, what follows if an author becomes convinced? Endurance, commitment, hard work, sweat, “extra” hours (sometimes long), confronting “writer’s block” and all the other so-called tough writing pieces of the equation of creativity. How willing are you to endure, and work through the mental obstacles, or the literal ones that may be standing in the way of your writing your work down?

Experience is both a noun and a verb here in the application in this blog. An author wants an experience (noun) of writing that meets a need, and meets it well. An author wants his/her readers to gain an experience (noun) of knowledge, strong lessons, and truths that will long outlast the book, and usher in new ways of thinking and acting that cause improvements, life changes for the better, more discipline, and satisfaction on the part of reader and author. Indeed, the author wants the reader to Experience (verb) something better than before in existence and emotion. And hopefully author and reader experience (verb) this “plus equation” over, and over, and over again. Great stories are often if not usually experienced not one time, but repeatedly. Truly great material lasts a very long time, or at least has the potential to.

To what end? An author earnestly desires an End Result that endures. What makes a timeless truth valuable? The fact that it is timeless, transcending events, people, and circumstances. The Gettysburg Address is an example, as is The Constitution, The Bible, and many other writings that teach, encourage, confront, assure, comfort, speak truth, and more.

What End Result do you as an author desire, and can Creative Team Publishing help you turn your dream of writing creativity into reality? Try us and see: send us your book theme, description, basic theme, and rough outline, and let’s see what you have. Would you be willing to risk, and then if your work is accepted, endeavor diligently to turn dreams into reality? Email: glen.aubrey@ctrg.com, and ask us how we can help you.


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