Hard? Yes, and Worth It

Is writing a book an easy task? That is an open-ended question, of course. Capacities and capabilities within writers are never identical from one person to the next. Variety is guaranteed.

What is not guaranteed, or sometimes even expected, is the degree of difficulty an author may experience putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard. Yes, the degree of difficulty is unique to each author. This challenge is affected by these factors and more:

  1. Time … “Do I have enough time in my day to write what I truly desire to write?”
  2. Talent … “Do I have what it takes to write effectively?”
  3. Treasure … “How much monetary gain is in for me?”
  4. Truth … “What truth do I wish to tell, and why?”
  5. Tough Enough to See It Through … “Can I complete the task no matter what?”
  6. Timidity vs. Courage … “Do I have the courage to write this, and then stand behind what I have written?
  7. Timeless Concepts, Eternal Principles … “What timeless and eternal principles shall reside in my writing?”

Recently an author expressed concerns over what she deemed to be “writer’s block:” those times when “what to say next” didn’t come easily. Her answer, even if it took all day, was to complete the task, regardless. The truths were there; formatting and editing smoothed out some rough edges. It took time and effort. And those resulted in a masterpiece. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

How to write:

  1. Spend the necessary time; we often tell writers to take the time, 15 – 30 minutes daily, regardless of “feelings,” energy levels, and the like. Take the dedicated time and set your mind to it.
  2. Never question your degrees of talent. Where you are today is not where you will be six months from now. Improvement comes with practice.
  3. Ask, “Will I make money?” The business plan, including marketing, says you will when you are as consistent with these efforts as you are (or even more so) in writing the book in the first place. What we have found: marketing never ceases … it *never* ceases.
  4. Tell the truth; obtain necessary permissions. There is no substitute for this kind of follow-through and completion of this necessary task.
  5. Hindrances will hound you (they do every author), and interruptions are pervasive if you let them affect your efforts. Control and eliminate them. Be in charge of your time and surroundings. Create balance with family and co-workers.
  6. Courage is a trait to recognize and develop. Stand behind and be ready to defend your position if needs be. We are not advocating arguments; we are advocating creative solutions where they can be found and developed. Gain perspectives of others who care about you, your writing, your desires.
  7. Undergirding your stories, illustrations, points, and conclusions are the timeless concepts residing in your compositions … these are the “why’s” of your “what’s.” Know what they are. Enumerate them if you must. Build upon this foundation of truths that have influenced you, motivating you to write from the get-go.

The story is told of a grandmother in her 80s who gathered her children and grandchildren around her and announced to all that she was gong to go to college for four years and earn her degree, a goal she had desired but had never accomplished. Her family was taken aback, and several questioned, “Grandma, do you know how old you will be when you’re done in four years?” She answered, “Do you know how old I’ll be in four years if I don’t go to college?”

How you spend your time is your choice. If you want to write, choose these actions:

  1. Stop the excuses … all of them.
  2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
  3. Seek counsel from other authors and friends, and family who support you.
  4. Avoid the advice of negative, defeatist people. They will do you harm if you listen.
  5. Write to build other people up, and encourage them.
  6. Speak the truth in love: a “forever” admonition.
  7. Watch what your efforts will produce: likely more than you have ever imagined.

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