A Journal of Your Journey

Our byline at the conclusion of most email correspondence is: “Write Your Story. We Want to See It. We Want to Publish Your Creation.” It expresses true intent.

Your story is probably personal, and that is or at least can be a plus. The accounts we’ve published range in topics from military to medical, fiction to non-fiction, spiritual to secular, stories for children to adults, educational, inspirational, and more.

Ask yourself: “What elements of my story will or may appeal to people in the forms of encouragement, truth-telling, resolutions coming out of trial and test, uplifting as opposed to conflict without restitution, or hope from difficulties experienced in life, dependence on God are opposed to a refusal to accept Him?” Where does your writing reside, including close to the heart?

As a publisher, we are most assuredly committed to uplifting, Biblical truth. Never avoiding conflict, we seek and encourage truthful resolution.

Our published authors represent many faiths/creeds; but all are God-believing. A central theme is often gratitude for all God has done and is doing, and we believe sincerely that we are in desperate need of His view, His Truth, and His will now more than ever, especially when facing uncertain days and political upheaval seldom seen in any of our lifetimes.

We encourage writers to reduce their entire story to a couple of themed sentences; these often become the title of their books. This reduction helps planning outlines as well. Find the crux; build from there.

Keeping a Journal to which you contribute often, may be a good way to begin your writing. What else is a journal but an account of events in which you were affected, in which you participated, and from which you learned life lessons that have sustained you and served you and others close to you, presenting unshakeable truths?

The word “journey” speaks of “not arrived yet.” Your life and mine are not static. They are chronicles of movement, growth, efforts, defeats, and victories. It is often said we learn from our failures; I believe we learn from our successes, too.

Let me encourage you on your journey through life, to write down your story. Share it. Build upon it. Learn through it. Teach what you learn.

You will have an eager and waiting audience here. After all, it’s your creation. Let’s review it together.


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