Pillars are a lot like anchors. Both are sturdy, built to last, and designed to be immovable when in use.

Pillars are building supports. Anchors are supports for sea-worthy vessels. We know the differences, but how often do we consider these?

Let me ask a simple and necessary question: what are the pillars of your written contributions? Why do you write and what truths and assurances will your readers glean from your creations? Often these are the lasting values about which you are motivated to illustrate and include as principled written contributions.

I have traveled, literally, over much of our world, including our own country, and several nations outside of the USA: Denmark, Germany, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines. Firsthand, I have witnessed the use of sturdy pillars in various applications, including supports made out of marble, rock, and concrete, all designed to function with a single purpose: to hold up that which they support, without wavering.

How strong are the pillars supporting your writing? What do they hold up and sustain? A story supported by a firm and immovable Pillar of Truth is what we are interested in reviewing for possible publication. Not a soft, temporary, fleeting concept; rather, a solid, stable contribution based on verifiable, eternal facts, and principles.

Webster defines a pillar this way: “… a firm upright support for a superstructure …”

The content, including context of what you write composes your superstructure. It must be sustained and supported by pillars of integrity, wellbeing, correct views, and lasting values.

A look at our website: www.creativeteampublishing.com will showcase our authors whose writings have been published as books, because these authors’ contributions pass the tests of time, endurance, and truth.

We recognize the differences between pillars and anchors. Let’s use both. Make sure what you are writing stands the test of fleeting fads, illegitimate conclusions, falsehoods, and inaccurate portrayals. Make your writing worth the effort by resting your superstructure on eternal values.

Then send your creations to us for review. We will review and give you our choice, as to whether we can publish. Your original writing will likely be an adventure for you, and hard work. If the quality is present, we will choose to make you an offer to publish. Worth it? Clearly that’s for you to decide. “Write Your Story. We Want to Publish Your Creation.”


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