Love and Lincoln

February is the month of Valentine Love and a time of remembering Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. Simply, he was one of our greatest presidents. He was a man who declared in his Second Inaugural, March 4, 1865, the sovereignty of God. The speech is replete with references to the Almighty.

Having written five books on Lincoln, I have been, and am still, amazed at his transformation down through his years: from a man who originally mocked faith, to one who deeply trusted God, especially as he grew more mature. (Please see Herndon/Weik’s Lincoln * The True Story of a Great Life, published in 1888, and Lincoln—A Picture Story of His Life by Stefan Lorant, published in 1952.)

And this month also celebrates love, as we observe Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Generally, the celebrations are known by hearts, candy, and asking, “Would you be my valentine?”

Love and Lincoln … what do they have in common?

Well, true love is from God, alone. He is the final source, and upon His love salvation of human beings is built and provided for those who receive. His love took Jesus to the cross, not because of human merit; rather an “in spite of” kind of love demonstrated in ultimate sacrifice and an empty tomb. Those are undeniable facts.

In Lincoln’s case, he was a gifted proponent of forgiveness and restoration as the Civil War drew to a close. He abolished slavery through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, one of the most lasting legacies of love for mankind.

Are you a writer? Do you possess ideas about the truly lofty themes of love, grace, forgiveness, truth, sacrifice, and new life? If so, these are the kinds of works Creative Team Publishing seeks to publish. Submit them to after reviewing, where our business plan is explained.

If your work is accepted, we will help you see your publishing dreams become reality.

Our world, your world, longs for lasting truth. Maybe you and your written works can promote ideas and actions that truly matter, and will help to change lives—permanently for the better.


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