Patriotism and Loyalty

Ours is a fairly new country when the age of the United States, as a nation, is compared with other countries. It’s true that our form of government is unique in the world, and most people still believe it is worth protecting and defending from disruptions and enemies, foreign and domestic.

“Insidious” is a term often used today to express complete disdain and dissatisfaction with those who would tear the United States down, and try to replace it with more government controls, even higher taxes, a tanking economy, more influence from Communism, socialism, and other “less-than-free” isms.

One of my favorite movies made many years ago is The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. If you have seen that film, you will likely recall that at first the character played by Gibson refuses to fight, preferring publicly to try more negotiations with England, avoiding war at all costs. Severe conflict occurs when the British come to Gibson’s home, and one of his sons is killed by a British commander, while his oldest son is taken captive to be hanged.

Gibson is wrought with grief as is the rest of his family, and he moves to take revenge actions. He and two of much younger sons plan to forcibly intercept the British column as it marches with the old son bound, to face hanging. Gibson and his two younger boys become what the movie calls, “The Ghost.” Gibson and his sons attack from hidden positions, killing many officers, in fact, all the small British force. His former wife’s sister tries to comfort him later. She says, “You have done nothing for which you should be ashamed.” Gibson responds, “I have done nothing and for that I am ashamed.”

That moment defines the conflict and the resolution. If patriots do nothing, the United States can lose its moorings, indeed, its freedoms, Constitution, and even its sovereignty. That is the extreme. I believe we may lose some of our freedoms now, because we have already lost some, but Patriots don’t do nothing. They do everything in their power, legally, to be loyal to the country, its laws, and standards they love.

Recently I had some guests in my home. They entered to inspect a job I was asking them to consider, for which they refused payment. They were serving, for that is what they were commissioned to do. “Generous and responding gratitude” doesn’t even describe that moment. I was certainly humbled.

I inquired if these two young men were Patriots, and believed in our country. They said, “Yes.” I asked them if I could offer them a song or two on the grand piano. They accepted excitedly, even though they had never heard me play.

I performed a rendition of a medley of America and The Star-Spangled Banner, our national anthem. It was a moment of awe for me and them.

Patriotism and Loyalty can take many forms: from our military with right motives and methods to lofty and inspiring music, to honoring those who serve with a simple and honest “thank you” for services rendered, whether addressing veterans or active-duty personnel.

How do you express your Patriotism and Loyalty? Let’s never become ashamed “because we have done nothing.”

On this the month of our nation’s birth, and in recognition of our actual birthdate as a country, July 4, let’s honor America. Be bold within individual giftings and talents to make our allegiance known, unashamedly. Honor and respect those who may disagree, while standing firm, defending the country we love.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Yes, we at Creative Team Publishing ( are whole-heartedly committed to this country, and firmly connected to our God who has given America His blessing from day one.

Write about this if you are an author; it would be our honor to review and hopefully publish what you have authored. We believe in and cherish what God has entrusted to us. “God, Bless America.”



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