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The Greatest Song Among Men

Written in 1973, this original and copyrighted song says it all for me during the month of December, in which we celebrate Christ’s birth. He was then, and is now, the Coming King.

Here are the lyrics: allow me to share them with you:

Let us listen to the song of Christmas again.
Now, once more, we’ll hear the story of God among men.
The birth of our Lord, the Baby adored,
By angels of number untold,
The humble stable, the star up above,
And the story never grows old.

Mary, Joseph, and the inn without a space,
God’s great care and love provided another place;
The grandest announcement to shepherds, amazed,
That shattered the night so still:
That peace had come down from heaven to men,
So that all might live in good will.


And the wise men who brought gifts of precious worth
Bowed so low and worshipped the King who came down to earth.
Christ Jesus so humble was born here below
To ransom all souls from sin.
Oh, the wonder of that first Christmas night
Is the greatest song among men.

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May our Lord bless you in this special season!

Our world needs Christ today perhaps more than I have ever witnessed in this life. Let’s make this Christmas a call to return to the Gospel Truth of Jesus’ coming, and understand even more why He came: to redeem us, or, as the song lyrics say, “ransom all souls from sin.”

With respect,
Glen Aubrey


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