A Forward Look

What makes a New Year happy? We hear and say it all the time: “Happy New Year!” Generally expressed with a huge smile, it is often a sincere wish from one person to another at the beginning of a New Year.

The dictionary definition of “happy” is this, in part: “enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment; glad, pleased, friendly…”

All well and good. But inquire with me: “What makes any New Year happy?” Is it the love shared by a family, or couple, as they express gratitude to the Lord for life and sustenance, or as individuals and families look forward to brand new opportunities in the next twelve? Likely, it’s at least these and much more.

Any New Year for me is at least these:

  1. A time of reflection of the last twelve months as a Year in Review. At times these reviews contain a mixture of pleasant memories, sadness, resolutions to difficulties, a review of the income and expense for the year concluding, and the anticipation of the year ahead, for improvements, and more.
  2. Knowledge that perhaps a key person or persons in the past year have died, or become ill.
  3. An opportunity to express gratitude to God for a time concluded and a time to dwell in faith and action for what is coming.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, and we often hear that these are usually unfulfilled, forgotten, or neglected in short order even if they were chosen out of many and with good intent.

May I share some lifestyle changes I made three years ago that literally, in my opinion, have added years to life and life to years? Here they are:

  1. Enjoy family: my son and his wife and their three girls live just around the corner.
  2. Alter diet and eat healthier food. (Please see Credits below.)
  3. Completely avoid foods with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, MSG, and other additives that have little or no food value.
  4. Drink a good quantity of filtered water, daily, generally at least 60 ounces.
  5. Avoid table salt.
  6. Avoid processed sugar.
  7. Avoid alcohol completely.
  8. Avoid carbonated beverages.
  9. Drink organic coffee, actually half-caff.
  10. Relish weight loss. Eating better has caused this. I feel better and, for my age (not young anymore!), I am told that I look pretty good. Body Mass Index (BMI) is where it needs to be. Google BMI and note the description of a healthy weight (I looked it up.)
  11. Sleep well every night.
  12. Read great books … fortunately, as a publisher, that kind of literature is all we present; therefore, I read a lot!
  13. Dwell in the Bible with readings every morning after breakfast. I am in the Old Testament, having just completed the Psalms and Proverbs, and enjoying the minor prophets as well.
  14. I exercise daily except Sunday: pushups, stretching, inside bike for 20 minutes, a total of approximately 30 to 40 minutes regularly.
  15. Change the environment where possible. I currently live in North Texas but hope to sell and move soon where weather is better, at least for me. My choice is my first home location: I was born and raised in San Diego County, California. I originally moved to North Texas for reduced expense approximately six years ago, and to be near to my son and family. While it is definitely less expensive to live in Texas, the truth is that I miss “home”, and am eager, in spite of all the negatives in California (and there are some!), to return if God sees fit to grant this desire.
  16. Sell my home in Texas. If you know someone in the market for my Texas home, please feel free to pass along my email: glen.aubrey@ctrg.com
  17. Become more involved in local church activities, for as long as I am here. I have investigated leading a Bible Study for those available, once a week on Tuesday.
  18. Smile often at the people I meet in stores, shopping, church.

When I move to San Diego County, I will most definitely be closer to my daughter and her husband, and their five boys.

What does looking forward mean? In my opinion, it includes at least these:

  1. Stay committed to Christ and His teachings.
  2. Read the Word daily.
  3. Pray.
  4. Continually give thanks to God.
  5. Think deeply.
  6. Make choices slowly after considering alternatives, seeking God’s design.
  7. Set realistic goals.
  8. Alter lifestyle.
  9. Eat better, drink better, sleep well.
  10. Eat out less. (I rarely do, anyway.)
  11. Spend less and spend wisely.
  12. Reduce if not eliminate unnecessary debt. With the exception of a small mortgage, and my commitment to consume great and approved supplements, I am closer in spite of a sick economy right now.
  13. Avoid media news. I know what is going on, but do not watch TV.
  14. Improve social networks in person.
  15. Engage with many people: family, friends, associates.
  16. Avoid social media when possible, or, engage in it only when practicable.
  17. Care about neighbors: interact.
  18. Call and talk with friends daily. Ask their perspective and learn from others.
  19. Give as much as possible.

That’s a start. Are these resolutions?
Well, I’ve endeavored to do these actions for a long time.
Do they work? The answer is “yes.”

A Forward Look means just that. It includes learning from the past (personal successes and failures) and, by all means, keep moving forward. Anticipate each new day.

A word on the publishing company: Creative Team Publishing (CTP) is one organization of four in which I’ve been engaged for a while. If you are a writer, I invite you to check it out: Please see: www.creativeteampublishing.com and www.glenaubrey.com.


Credits: Regarding diet, I want to acknowledge author Rick Redd, M.D., for his medical advice which he offered freely. I have willingly followed his recommendations. Rick is a graduate of West Point (a Colonel), an M.D. in Radiology (private practice) for many years. His teachings about diet have really changed my life—adding years to life and life to years in my view. I want to strongly recommend his books (there are four). His website is www.all-inornothing.com. For readers age 30 to 50, purchase his book on Master Your Destiny. For readers over 50, please secure All-In or Nothing BEYOND Retirement. It’s a winner! I believe you will be very satisfied with your choice.


Perhaps you would like to write a book or a series of articles about Jesus Christ: His birth, life, sacrificial death, and resurrection. If you do, we invite you to send your manuscript to us so we can consider publishing it.

Please see our website for the current business plan. www.creativeteampublishing.com. Or access CTP directly at www.glenaubrey.com. Please feel free to send your writing to this email address: glen.aubrey@ctrg.com.

Our world needs Christ today perhaps more than I have ever witnessed in my life. Let’s make this Christmas a call to return to the Gospel Truth of Jesus’ coming, and understand even more why He came: to redeem us, or, as the old and original song lyrics say, “ransom all souls from sin.” Let’s move forward into 2023 with the foundation of Christ.

With respect,
Glen Aubrey



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