Living Lives

Either the Resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred fully, or it didn’t occur at all. There is no “in-between.” There can’t be.

The Apostle Paul basically declared that if the Resurrection of Christ did occur, which we choose to believe fully, that’s one blessed truth which is guaranteed; however, if the Resurrection did not occur, we may as well give up any hope or longing of eternal life. Bottom line: the resurrection account is pure fact and a truth upon which we can count.

Does truth matter? Absolutely. Falsity matters, too: both never occupy the same space at the same time in any personal heart, mind, and the expansive history of the world and people within it.

Thousands (more?) have earnestly desired to disprove the record of Jesus’ rising from the dead; all have failed. For those who have spent countless efforts in these endeavors, some would say those people such engaged wasted time.

Well, time was not, in the final analysis, wasted at all; rather, it was proven not to be thrown away, because it served to enhance the final truth of the actuality of Eternal Life—where Living Lived and Lives Now.

The title of this blog is Living Lives (“lives” is a verb here, not a noun), because it’s simply an undeniable truth. Bill Gaither (songwriter), penned these words several years ago: “Because He (Christ) lives, I can face tomorrow; because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know, (I know), He holds the future, and life is worth the living, just because He lives.” Simple lyrics; yet these are some of the most succinct, savored lines ever penned.


I choose to fully accept this fact and not another fanciful theory.


The challenge comes when faced by friends, neighbors, and other individuals who want, by their own admission, to ignore any discussions of “theology,” substituting instead “more vital and important” topics/responsibilities like yardwork, auto mechanics, cheer practice, baseball games, and more. Now, it’s true: those things are important to a degree.

In the face of minor or major distractions, nothing is of greater meaning or importance than a guarantee of eternal life. Would you agree that’s true?

Individuals who follow Christ closely, choose to believe life or no life, in the broadest understanding of the term.

So, I pose a foundational question: what choice are you making when it comes to belief in, and adherence to, the chronicle of the Resurrection?

Almost all of those who followed Christ closely (except Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him), died martyr’s deaths in defense of their beliefs. They had seen, touched, and witnessed the living Christ. When it came time for them to depart this life, why would they dare to defend a lie, perpetrating what would amount to the greatest hoax the world had ever known?

I choose to live a life where Living Lives. What is your choice?

Consider this. Write about it. Transformed lives (noun) live (verb), transcend all other attempts at trying to replace true living with inferior and weaker efforts at defining non-life truth.

Yes, I am convinced. Perhaps you are as well. Why is the story of Christ real to you, if it is? You are invited to send your written manuscript to for publishing consideration. (Please see

Fact: The Bible has outsold more copies than any other book in the world’s history of writing. The reason: It contains singular truth once and for all. Plus, it portrays the Living Lives story of Jesus Christ: His living (noun), living (verb) in hearts, minds, and changed lives, surpasses all other attempts at stories of lesser value.


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