No Maybe in May

May is a fluid term often used in conversation. I “may” do this or that, “may” go here or there, “may” be still, or “may” be active.

This month of May, may have a different connotation and not be fluid at all. May, may mean a positive moment or momentum. Maybe?

Let’s consider where May comes from. May, the month, may have originated from strong determination, like that of a bull, with a focus (mythologically) on fierce determination, facing intentionally every possibility. This meaning had nothing at all to do with fluidity.

May is my birth month, and truly down through life I have exercised strong determination and drive on many levels. Accomplishing much, and more, the word, “driven” can be utilized to describe me, and often has been spoken in this way, sometimes to my detriment, during times of dedication and drive “no matter what” to reach an end goal, or in front of the eyes of other people who celebrated with me.

Much was accomplished, yes, but at what negative price, if any? Were accomplishments and accolades the sum total of all of life? Clearly not. Read this chronicle.

Important, true events:

  1. In elementary school, I was chosen and elected to lead my young class, and in Junior High, presented the commencement address.
  2. In High School, I was privileged to win two International Speech Tournaments: one in 1968 and one in 1970, competing in aggregate with 100,000 other students.

A most horrific moment occurred in between these years, the suicide of my older sister, in 1969. Somehow all that drivenness was put in a new and perhaps an appropriate place, providing a painful lesson on “balance” between accomplishment, and the realities of pain and despair.

Doesn’t real life contain positives and negatives in the long run? Good and bad, favorable and unfavorable?

The end goal defines what May may (and should) mean. What is the end goal for you no matter in what you are involved?

I invite you to take another, perhaps harder, look at your goals. Determine the positive priorities, possibilities, as well as improper, difficult, or even wrong objectives, especially where someone else is concerned: family, friends, or even a person you may not know.

The goal in May should be “balance” between desires, destinations, and ultimately, destiny, weighing all carefully and appropriately.

What are your goals in this month of May and how will reaching these goals affect others who observe? How will striving to reach them affect you and others? Where should energies be expended?

This living scenario may be difficult to design and articulate. Compassion and the need for balance encourage you to “do it anyway.” You care, as do likely countless others with whom you associate and impact. And those people need you to care, regardless of age.

If there is no maybe in May, let’s be sure to balance all. You will likely be thanked sincerely, and your positive impact will grow.

Chronicle your journey. Others who read will notice. Likely they will express their views to you in verbal or written reply, thought, or deed, whether these folks are known to you or not.

Perhaps you should consider publication. If this road interests you, you are invited to send a manuscript (with a copyright [©] notice affixed) to We would be honored to consider publishing you and, if possible, make it happen for you and your readers.

Design May to be a hallmark, not a half-baked maybe.


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