March Forward

In the movie series, Band of Brothers, a true event from World War II is graphically related, regarding E (for Easy) Company, 2nd Battalion, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) of the United States Army. Every time I revisit this series, I

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Love Is the Only Answer

When we approach February, our focus is on Love, at least that’s the encouragement for us as Valentine’s Day comes along. It occurs on the 14th of this second month of the year. Christmas and holiday decorations from 2022 are barely put away; greetings for

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A Forward Look

What makes a New Year happy? We hear and say it all the time: “Happy New Year!” Generally expressed with a huge smile, it is often a sincere wish from one person to another at the beginning of a New Year. The dictionary definition of

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The Greatest Song Among Men

Written in 1973, this original and copyrighted song says it all for me during the month of December, in which we celebrate Christ’s birth. He was then, and is now, the Coming King. Here are the lyrics: allow me to share them with you: Let

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Thanksgiving Is Essential

Thanksgiving is upon us! An “attitude of gratitude” is essential in life. Without it, existence can become inward focused, self-consuming, and arrogant to a fault. Those who strive to bolster wealth or happiness to the expense of health, family, friendships, and more, may dwell for

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Dedicate This Month to God

In my neighborhood and literally in millions of others in our country and around the world, a trend starts toward the middle of September to accent and prepare for Halloween through the month of October. I recall many years of treating this time casually, as

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A Time to Return

School attendance began in August for many in the country. Kids and adults now return to school in either August or September, because it’s part of the yearly calendar. But September was the month for returning to school all through my experience growing up. That

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A Growth Perspective

Remember when you were told at a younger age, to “grow up!” Depending on who said it, and in what attitude, you either listened intently or tried to dismiss the comment. Regardless of pervasive “growing up” comments in our past, it is time for growth

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Patriotism and Loyalty

Ours is a fairly new country when the age of the United States, as a nation, is compared with other countries. It’s true that our form of government is unique in the world, and most people still believe it is worth protecting and defending from

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