Three Times the Prep for One Presentation

I learned a *long* time ago that there were no substitutes for preparation for any presentation in which I was to be engaged. This habit of being prepared started in High School, in speech tournament preparations and music rehearsals. Preparation is essential. So is research.

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Hard? Yes, and Worth It

Is writing a book an easy task? That is an open-ended question, of course. Capacities and capabilities within writers are never identical from one person to the next. Variety is guaranteed. What is not guaranteed, or sometimes even expected, is the degree of difficulty an

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Expectation, Endurance, Experience, and End Result

What is your Expectation as a writer? Authors all have expectations and desires: about themselves, their work, and these expectations often include doubts, too. Some of the more familiar ones and their accompanying questions: Who will read my work? Who will want to read my

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Movement in the Right Direction

Authors create moments of movement of thought and action. Much consideration should go into presenting ideas, conclusions, and action steps. So, let’s consider: March is so named for the Roman god of war, Mars. March was the time of year to resume military campaigns that

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The Month of Loving Truth

In January, 2021, the sixth to be exact, we witnessed disgusting displays of violence and mayhem in Washington, DC. At this writing we simply do not know how all of it will conclude, or when. Where and what are the answers? I proclaim unashamedly that

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The Newer Year, 2021

In June, 2020, I was privileged to invite several writers/authors from across the United States to participate as Contributors to a new book. Sixteen people responded affirmatively. Their contributions became, and remain, spectacular and life-changing. The title of this book, released in early November, 2020,

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Decision Time … How Do You Choose?

We have national and local elections this month in the United States of America. Party affiliations are important, of course; yet, if you are a registered voter, you can and should choose the candidate you support regardless of party, and by all means, VOTE. Exercise

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