Lincoln’s Leadership–If You Want Success, Lead Like This
Description : Few leaders have shaped the course of history as significantly as Abraham Lincoln. Calling the United States of America "the last best hope of earth" in correspondence with Congress in 1862, Lincoln not only bore the brunt of a Civil War that nearly destroyed that hope permanently, he rescued a nation in the process and that hope became reality. Lincoln's Leadership-If You Want Success, Lead Like This addresses living leadership principles and practices of a master leader, a gifted and highly intelligent individual who won the war and accomplished his stated goals though his victories required extreme sacrifice and ultimately cost him his life. If you're the leader in your organization you will benefit greatly from reading this book. Learn Lincoln's leadership and why it worked. To do so, learn the environments and the effects. Then apply the lessons of his Civil War leadership to events and circumstances of today. Lincoln's Leadership-If You Want Success, Lead Like This highlights remarkable and enduring leadership principles and practices that Lincoln embraced. It shows how these leadership truths can and should be exercised in contemporary business and personal interactions with others. When they are framed within the context of positive desires for the betterment of mankind, their results can be nothing short of breathtaking, meritorious, positive, uplifting, encouraging, hope-inspiring, and long lasting. Great leadership lessons like those of Lincoln endure because they are founded on solid and enduring truth. It is up to the current leader to learn and embrace these bedrock truths and utilize them fully in their "real life" situations. Lincoln's Leadership-If You Want Success, Lead Like This provides enduring models of tried and tested principles. Great leaders will learn and emulate them.
Author Details :
Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity. Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do. Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.



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