Enjoy Your Journey—Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything About You
Author : Bud Hendrickson
Description : If you have ever wondered about a bigger purpose and the abiding rules that help you live your life to the fullest, this is the book you want to read. Warm and practical, Enjoy Your Journey is a story-rich guidebook to help you make great decisions, no matter what you’ve experienced or are going through now. Every new day brings opportunities for making better choices that have lasting impact on who you are and all you do. Do you want to improve your attitudes and circumstances and grow into a more fulfilled person? Read Enjoy Your Journey and start to engage wholeheartedly in a deeply honest, sincere, and uplifting venture that may touch every area of your life. The journey is yours–embrace it. Most of all, enjoy it. It’s God’s gift to you.

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Author Details :
Bud Hendrickson is passionate about enjoying life’s journey. He is the youngest of seven children with six older sisters. He was raised in a one bathroom house next to the family business where he developed his strong work ethic at an early age. Raised in a small town, Bud played three sports while in high school while also working to earn money to put gas in his car. After being baptized just before getting married, both Bud and his wife enjoyed a spiritual growth journey together that laid a foundation upon which to build his bedrock truths. A family man with a career in Engineering and Maintenance Leadership, Bud has worked in numerous industries. He graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May of 1988. Bud is the proud father of two sons. He is a sports enthusiast, really enjoys high school football and the Denver Broncos. His life’s events are varied like everyone’s, filled with the good and the bad. One of the toughest moments was enduring the loss of his high school sweetheart and wife of 28 years, Nancy, in 2015 to cancer. Most people realize that pain and pleasure are integral and often integrated parts of living. Bud chooses daily to enjoy his journey no matter what, and teaches others to do the same. His ten bedrock truths may revolutionize your understanding of how you live and help you improve in ways you may have never dreamed possible.



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