Finding God In Silicon Valley—Spiritual Journeys In A High-Tech World
Author : “Skip” Vincent Vaccarello
Description : God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley. God is doing the seemingly impossible in Silicon Valley--changing the hearts and attitudes of the rich and successful and those desperately pursuing riches, power, and prestige. Having a tradition of disrupting the status quo with technology, Silicon Valley may be poised to challenge its perception as a wasteland of faith as well. Finding God in Silicon Valley tells how God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley--venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, leaders of major companies, innovators in non-profit start-ups, scientists, and technologists. You will be inspired and challenged as you read their journeys of faith. The book provides lessons for anyone who has struggled with faith. Read how leaders got beyond the trappings of financial and business success to find God, overcoming personal struggle and even tragedy to come to know Christ, how they reconciled reason and faith and science and faith, and how they discovered meaning, purpose, and a calling for their lives.
Author Details :
Skip Vaccarello is the author of the book, Finding God in Silicon Valley: Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World, and the blog In addition to writing, is a General Partner with 1Flourish Capital, a venture firm investing in technology-based start-up companies led by entrepreneurs of character who understand that corporate culture is vital to success. Skip also teaches in the MBA program at William Jessup University and chairs Connect Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization that offers events featuring high profile individuals with the goal of encouraging conversations about faith and life. Skip has over 35 years of experience in leadership positions for Silicon Valley technology companies, including VisiCorp, the provider of the industry’s first spreadsheet, VisiCalc. Most recently, he served as President and CEO of Applied Weather Technology, a global company providing software and services to the maritime industry. His other experience includes CEO of Communications Solutions, Inc., division general manager of 3Com, and co-founder and CEO of The Saratoga Group. He earned an A.B. in economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Boston University.



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