Grief Is Not The End
Author : Bill Trask
Description : Grief Is Not The End chronicles the journey of a family that traumatically lost a daughter and sister.  The descriptions of loss, grief, and restoration are punctuated with the wisdom of those who have grieved.  What does a mother, father, brother, and sister experience in the wake of such loss?  What was helpful to them? What stood in the way of processing their grief?  How did they finally find hope?  These and many other questions find answers in Grief Is Not The End.  Join us for the journey.  Whether you yourself have felt the sting of grief or you know someone who has, or is currently grieving, what you learn here can straighten your path to good grieving or teach you how to compassionately deal with others who grieve.  Grief really isn't the end.  There is hope.
Author Details :
Bill Trask has practiced law, focusing on financial services, since 1994. In addition, he has donated thousands of hours of pro bono legal work, supporting religious liberty and free speech to a number of not–for-profit organizations, including the Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Center for Law and Policy, the Pacific Justice Institute, Life Legal Defense Fund, and Liberty Council. Prior to practicing law, Bill served on the pastoral staff of a local Baptist church and for the Youth for Christ program. Later, Bill ran a subsidiary of a Fortune Five Hundred company for over ten years and during his last four years of tenure, attended law school in the evening. Bill was a founding board member of College Area Pregnancy Services and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Law and Policy since 2008. Bill lives with his wife in Oak Point, Texas and is involved in his local church. Most of all, Bill has journeyed through the loss of his twenty-two year old daughter, Leah, and has discovered and continues to explore how to grieve well. He has a passion for grieving people and sharing what he has learned, and continues to learn, through living the processes of grief and hope. Vicky Trask is the mother of Leah, Simon, and Hannah and Bill’s wife for the past 38 years. Simon and Hannah are Bill and Vicky’s surviving son and daughter who have eased their parents’ concern over raising children by making them as proud as any parent could be.



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