Lincoln’s Advice for America in the 21st Century—His Words Still Speak
Author : Glen Aubrey
Description : The issues facing the country dating from Lincoln's first political speech (1838) until his death in the opening of his second term (1865) were momentous to his generation, just as the issues facing the country in the early 21st Century are immense to its generation. The people of Lincoln's day needed leadership. The people of the United States today also need leadership—not just any kind of leadership—but leadership that is anchored solidly on the fundamental principles and practices of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. If Lincoln could give us advice on the matters that mean the most to us, what would he say?  Of course, we don't know.  But we do know what he said on matters of grave importance of his day—about the wrong of slavery, the importance of upholding the law, and the strength of the country based on its founders and founding documents—and from these statements, utilizing his own words, we can learn much about how he would face the issues of this generation. Lincoln's Advice for America in the 21st Century—His Words Still Speak takes Lincoln's words and uses them within present day application.  Be prepared to learn and grow from the words of the greatest president the United States has ever had.
Author Details :
Glen Aubrey believes in creative communication. Indeed whether as a consultant to business, conference speaker, writer, musician, or commercial producer/arranger, his clear task is to communicate truth authentically, without reservation, with integrity. Glen has a passion for people and is an advocate of people development, believing that people are an organization's greatest resource. Because healthy relationships matter most, he believes wholeheartedly in accountable and authentic investment in lives, promoting and actively engaging in service to others within the context of understanding that who people are is more important than what they do. Glen speaks to the heart, and in his own creative ways, challenges his listeners to do all they should do, because of who they are and are becoming. Come prepared to listen intently, participate wholeheartedly, be stretched, think creatively, act passionately, and impact lives with renewed and perhaps new commitment.



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