Notes on a Flight Home
Author : Deanna Christiansen
Description : Poetic expression has a way of recasting language that we might see the familiar anew, might recognize by refining intuition what is true, and what is life. The flight home-home to our authentic self, home to the One who has called us to full life-can be lived and noted in different ways. In Notes on a Flight Home, poetry marks seeing, living, longing, loving and being loved.
Author Details :
Deanna Harrington Christiansen writes poetry and essays, and has contributed writing to dramas, narrations, and prayer and worship on both coasts. Recurring central themes for her are Christian spiritual formation, and thereby living fully; contemplative prayer; and learning to discern God’s presence and movement in herself, in others, in creation, in life. After writing prose since childhood, she experienced the sudden appearance of poetry in 1986, mysteriously following the impact of the shuttle “Challenger” loss. She also does freelance proofreading and editing. Since 2013, she is a cancer survivor. Deanna holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, emphasis in Church History, from Bethel Seminary San Diego, and Certificates in Spiritual Formation and Direction Studies from CFDM, Christian Formation and Direction Ministries, San Diego. In 2007, Deanna and high school sweetheart of 48 years previously, John Christiansen, reacquainted in New Hampshire, each having lived all over the country and then having been alone for several years—and, delighted at finding the important things in common, fell deeply in love, and married. Each had the desire to leave city life permanently and live in the country in New Hampshire, and soon they settled in a charming post-and beam house on a modest lot with beautiful woods. With the freedom of retirement, they continue reading widely, cooking together, laughing a lot, discussing world events and history, and practicing some country and craft ways—John, the art of heating with a woodstove, with its accompanying harvesting, splitting, stacking, and carrying of firewood, small vegetable gardening, designing and erecting a massive truckport worthy of Winters, drawing up plans for a walking path to the river, and taking up the banjo; Deanna, writing, learning to sew simple pieces, making herbal oils and vinegar, and beginning classes with a local potter. They love visiting historic sites and museums, and traveling to see more of New England, and family and friends over much of the nation, from time to time. They are blessed to have found liturgical worship, prayer, and community service nearby.



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