Resilient Leaders
Author : Major General Bob Dees
Description :

Resilient Warriors, the first book of The Resilience Trilogy, established a solid foundation of resilience principles and practices. Resilient Leaders moves us to the next level. How do we as leaders "set the conditions" for resilient organizations? How do we help the people and organizations we lead to recover from challenging conditions, tragic circumstances, and perplexing dilemmas? How do we enable people, teams, and entire organizations to ride out the storms of life with values intact, regain momentum, and rebound to even greater heights? How do we as leaders bounce back and help others do the same? How do leaders take care of themselves in order to stay the course?

Major General Bob Dees, U.S. Army, Retired is the ideal resilient leader to mentor us on this practical and inspirational journey. Whether as a husband, father, and grandfather...or during an ongoing career of over 40 years in the military, business, higher education, and non-profit outreach to troops and families...General Dees' abundant passion, perspective, and professional insights provide timely coaching in resilient life and leadership.

Our military, as well as every other public and private sector endeavor across the land, need resilient leadership like never before. Resilient Leaders explains how to lead selflessly and successfully over time from a platform of character and competence--the kind of leadership every organization, family and loyal subordinate desperately needs and deserves.

Author Details :
As I was falling 12 feet out of a British Lorry onto my back in Army Ranger school, I had many thoughts: “This is going to hurt! Will I break anything? Will I be able to bounce back?” Or during many parachute landing falls (PLFs in “Airborne” vernacular). Or when I held my wife’s hand when the Doctor informed us of our infant daughter’s death. Or when my helicopter in Macedonia was plummeting to earth without power. Or when the South Korean National Assembly was asking for my removal because of overnight instructions to evacuate a South Korean village in the impact radius of a suspected terrorist plot. Or when unable to control events leading to the death of one of my troopers. Or during rare but painful incidents of disappointment and betrayal over forty years of leadership in the military, business, and ministry. You no doubt get the point. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of educating and encouraging people from many different marketplaces regarding “Being a Resilient Warrior.” I have seen business leaders, homemakers, pastors and chaplains, mental health professionals and lay counselors, educators and students, athletes and coaches; and military troops, veterans, and families activate a proactive approach to resilience in their lives.



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