Resilient Nations
Author : Major General Bob Dees
Description : Resilient Nations, the last component of The Resilience Trilogy. The reality is that nations have many different “infra-structures” which are critical to their survival and success as a nation state. Some of these infrastructures may immediately come to mind: banking, politics, national security, energy, commerce, and others. While all of these are very important, a nation’s intangible moral-spiritual infrastructure undergirds all these other elements of national power and existence. This moral-spiritual infrastructure (MSI) includes critical arenas such as the strength of its families, the ethics of its boardrooms, the civility of its discourse, adherence to the rule of law, respect for lives of the unborn and the elderly, regard for the security of future generations, the education of our youth, the relevance of our faith communities, the adherence to national values and accurate historical roots, and the resilience and enterprise of our citizens—including their “will to work.” All of these intangible elements of MSI are essential to a nation’s identity and survival as an entity which is truly a benefit to its citizens and the world community. The ultimate question: can the United States of America strengthen its MSI in the 21st Century, bouncing back from decades of moral erosion, spiritual skepticism, and alarming trend lines which counter the proposition that we are “the greatest nation on Earth?” Can we weather the current storms which threaten national survival? Can we bounce back to our former greatness, America? Are we still a Resilient Nation?
Author Details :
As I was falling 12 feet out of a British Lorry onto my back in Army Ranger school, I had many thoughts: “This is going to hurt! Will I break anything? Will I be able to bounce back?” Or during many parachute landing falls (PLFs in “Airborne” vernacular). Or when I held my wife’s hand when the Doctor informed us of our infant daughter’s death. Or when my helicopter in Macedonia was plummeting to earth without power. Or when the South Korean National Assembly was asking for my removal because of overnight instructions to evacuate a South Korean village in the impact radius of a suspected terrorist plot. Or when unable to control events leading to the death of one of my troopers. Or during rare but painful incidents of disappointment and betrayal over forty years of leadership in the military, business, and ministry. You no doubt get the point. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of educating and encouraging people from many different marketplaces regarding “Being a Resilient Warrior.” I have seen business leaders, homemakers, pastors and chaplains, mental health professionals and lay counselors, educators and students, athletes and coaches; and military troops, veterans, and families activate a proactive approach to resilience in their lives.



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