Sam and Alex Creature Invasion Girls Strong Up
Author : Pam Raymer
Description : Samantha (Sam), and Alexandra (Alex) are two sisters whose dad was killed in action while serving in the military. These girls use the leadership skills he taught them to fight evil on earth and on other planets. With the help of Enella, a perture (a person and a creature) and her deputy, Rexor from the planet Afwon, they work to eliminate evil that shows up while Sam and Alex are on a family trip in Wyoming. They have already rid Afwon of its evil force, and now Enella returns and brings Rexor to help them save the earth. Sam and Alex along with their friends, Will and Brody, transport between earth and the planet Nexmore to uncover this evil and destroy it. This story is one of confident and smart girls who "Strong Up" to protect all that is important to them--their family, friends and freedom. This book will fascinate young people with an outrageously wild mix of animal characters in the form of pertures, and inspire girls and boys to do good. Educators and parents can use its themes of family, character, loss and leadership to encourage young people to set and achieve seemingly unattainable goals.
Author Details :
Pamela Raymer has spent most of her career working for the military--Army and Navy--in education and training assignments in Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky as well as in Japan and Korea. She has over 20 years of college and university teaching experience with degrees from the University of Kentucky, Baylor University, and Indiana University, and holds a doctorate in Supervision from the University of Louisville. In preparation for writing this novel and others to come, Pamela explored a number of book topics but ultimately selected children’s stories that promote the importance of confidence and other character-building leadership attributes. Writing these books is fun and allows her to express her creativity. She has other interests, too. At one time she was an avid motorcyclist on her Harley Davidson. On her farm in Kentucky she now enjoys her three Tennessee Walking horses along with all of the wildlife that roam the property.



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