Seth Our Journey through Addiction, Heartbreak, and Hope
Author : Karin Murphy
Description : Most parents and young people who hear our story may be interested, may be intrigued, and even sympathize with what we have gone through. Some may deeply empathize because they have shared similar pain and tragedy. But what we really notice as we tell our story to parents and youth is a cautious, perhaps courteous, but sometimes blunt refusal to accept the responsibility of this truth: kids—yes, even your kids—may indeed be into drugs—you simply may not know it. Unless and until parents become actively engaged in their kids’ lives, the problems of addiction may never be confronted because, like the ostrich, the parents willingly place their heads in the sand and fail to observe and listen to people like us. Failing especially to observe the actions and listen to the words of their children. “My kids would never do drugs.” Really? A comment like that may become the key to a lifetime of struggle and tragedy and ultimately, death. Fortunately and through God’s grace, there is hope. And we know that hope when it is anchored in the reality of fact and faith does not disappoint. Hope in the midst of tragedy is what has motivated me to write this book to help educate parents and kids, so that tragedy in others’ lives may indeed be prevented. The first step toward preparation is knowledge. My husband and I will share our knowledge with you—and we hope you stay with the book and gain the knowledge that will lead to your active involvement in your kids’ lives. We hope because you face the truth and become involved that you are spared the kind of personal tragedy that we experienced.

The truth will set you free only if you know it and vow to become wholly engaged in the lives of your kids. Observe them and listen to their words. It could change your life and the lives of your kids forever.

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Author Details :
Karin is a native of California and mother of three sons as well as a small business owner. Additionally, Karin is the founder and President of The Seth Foundation; a teenage heroin advocacy group dedicated to helping teens trapped by the grips of opiates seek help and recovery through physical, social, mental, and spiritual support. Karin also is a prolific public speaker addressing countless groups about the trials of addiction speaking from the parenting perspective as compared to the clinical side of the debate. In her role of community activist, her desire is to support parents to help them avoid falling victim to her fate.



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