When Our Blue Star Turned Gold
Author : Terry Burgess
Description : When Our Blue Star Turned Gold chronicles the life of the Burgess family after their son, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Bryan A. Burgess, is killed in combat in Afghanistan. Grief wrestles with Honor as the Burgess family tries to make sense of a haunting premonition of Bryan’s death and the struggle to memorialize his sacrifice in a nation that is not entirely grateful. When Our Blue Star Turned Gold tells how their world changed and how they adapted to a life of grief and turned it into a way to honor a life lost. The reader will discover the horrors of war and how those horrors follow sons and daughters for the rest of their lives. On their journey, the Burgesses encounter amazing people and learn other stories of heroism. They learn of their son’s heroism through the men that fought by his side. They learn of the weight of war. They learn the weight of loss. They learn how to lighten that load through sharing their son’s story. The Burgesses also learn of the lack of support for Gold Star parents and by creating their own organization make connections and bonds with other Gold Star parents that are dealing with the loss of a son or daughter. Through trial and error, they have obtained a network of friends and organizations who have become like family to them. They learned the hard way of what can be said and what should not be said to any person grieving an unexpected loss. When Our Blue Star Turned Gold educates the reader on the families left behind when their hero pays the ultimate price for freedom.
Author Details :
Terry Burgess is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Tarleton State University. He and his wife, Elisabeth, moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1999. They both have worked in the financial and banking industry as business analysts. Terry is the former president of the Chasing Gold Toastmasters Club, an ordained minister, an author of five fiction novels, and the current Vice President of Gold Star Family Relations for The Apache Warrior Foundation. Elisabeth is the current Treasurer of The Apache Warrior Foundation.



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