"The decisions you make today determine
your audience tomorrow."

This Leadership Trilogy by Glen Aubrey is designed to be combined, because together they help you and your organization grow in right and profitable ways, building you, your people, and your functional contributions. The goal of each book is to develop maturity on teams who want to work together well, keeping central the fundamental principles that people are more important than production,and relationships come before and give birth to function.

Leadership Trilogy

Business Core Team Development

Each book is a Business Life Investment Model

Core Teams Work

Their Principles and Practices

Team-building instructions and practical illustrations. The book explores the principles and practices of a Core Team, showing how values, when applied to the working environment, change it for the better. each section of the book is crafted to teach and then reach beyond instruction into real-life environments, the testing and proving grounds of principles in practice.

When people are combined on work teams on the basis of agreements of essence and essential core values, their work environments become places where their talents and abilities reflect heart-felt longings for excellence in contribution that demonstrate proper alignments of people and production, proving this unalterable premise: people are more important than the products they produce.

Build Successful Work Teams!

Industrial Strength Solutions

Leadership Is—

How to Build Your Legacy

If you are "in charge" of anything, or anyone, the question is not whether you are leading, it is how. This books reveals the quality of your leadership, what kind of leader you can be, and provides winning strategies and practical techniques for leaders at any stage of life and career. If you are a leader, you are creating your legacy. Leadership Is– will help you finish well.

You are more important than what you do!

Core Teams Work


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Leadership Is--

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Industrial Strength


The Leadership Trilogy is written to share winning strategies for stronger leaders and build effective and winning teams.

Leadership Is— Revised Edition, Industrial Strength Solutions,
and Core Teams Work


From Leadership Is—, Industrial Strength Solutions, and Core Teams Work

"No fancy theories here, just the realities of working with (and leading) teams. This book will make you think—hard—about what it means to lead."

—Seth Godin
Author, Purple Cow

"There are two roads to business and personal success. One pursues success as an end in itself, often poisoning relationships and corrupting morals; the other road is paved with sound and proven principles which succeed without poisoning relationships and without the guilt. Glen Aubrey shows us how to succeed in business and in life by taking the second and better road."

—Cal Thomas
Syndicated Columnist /
Fox News Contributor

"This is not just another management book. Glen has crafted a living, breathing, practical plan to improve communication and productivity and inspire leadership at all levels. It's a message that should not be ignored. I've seen these principles in action.They work!"

—Mark Larson
President, San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association

About Glen Aubrey

Glen Aubrey is an author, publisher, professional musician, Emmy Award Winner, and business consultant.




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